How do I qualify for a Fleet Account?

For Commercial Companies (a company that purchases or leases vehicles for use in conducting their day-to-day business), eligibility requirements for creating a Fleet Account are as follows:

  • Registered or leased for use in operation 5 or more new vehicles (any make or model) during the current or preceding calendar year OR
  • Currently operate a fleet of 15 or more vehicles (any make or model)
  • Recognize and agree that Lincoln Motor Company may modify or terminate any or all Lincoln Executive Business Program elements at any time for any reason
Additional details on Fleet Eligibility Requirements, including acceptable documentation and In-Service requirements, can be found here. If your company meets the requirements you can get started with the steps below and be one step closer to having a Fleet Account!

FIN Registration Steps

Step 1: Complete the FIN Registration form

Please complete the online registration form.

Step 2: If you did not submit your documentation with your registration form online, please email or fax 1-888-791-6763 a copy of this confirmation with your documentation.

View the list of acceptable documentation.

What Happens Next?

Your Welcome packet will be mailed to you. It will include:

  • Your FIN code
  • A copy of the FIN Agreement
As a Fleet customer, you and your company will have access to benefits such as:
  • Fleet incentive and program information
  • Advance notice of product information
  • Vehicle option availability
  • Vehicle order status and scheduling
  • Priority scheduling
For additional information regarding fleet, please contact the Fleet Customer Care Center.

Monday - Friday (9 AM to 5 PM EST)